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Private Cloud Vs Public Cloud

Private Cloud Vs Public Cloud

What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud is owned and managed by a single company.  It’s like data centre architectures that provide flexibility, automation, monitoring, scalability, and provisioning. Private cloud technology is not sold to external customer. It is like reaping benefits of cloud without giving up the control. Private Cloud can be expensive and therefor is usually opted by large enterprises. If you have a business that needs strict security and confidentiality, Private Cloud is a good option.

Advantages of Private Cloud

  • Security: As you are the sole owner, there is less threat of security breach. You can ensure it is not accessible to any third-party client.
  • Compliance: As it is dedicated to one organization, compliance can be effectively delivered.
  • Customization: You can customize many things like network, hardware and storage performance.

Disadvantages of Private Cloud

  • Expensive: Private cloud is quite expensive as compared to public cloud.
  • Maintenance: Complete management needs to be done by the organization thereby, reducing cost savings.

What is Public Cloud?

Public cloud is a form of application or storage that is available for general public. Few good examples of Public Cloud would be Windows, Azure Services Platform, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, IBM’s Cloud etc. Public cloud is affordable as the bandwidth, application and hardware cost is covered by the provider.

Advantages of Public Cloud

  • Utility Model: Public Cloud is based on pay-as-you-go model; you pay for the resources that you actually use
  • No contracts: It is not contract bound. You can use it and stop using as per your requirement.

Disadvantages of Public Cloud

  • Limits security and configuration
  • May be subjected to compliance regulation.

Public vs Private Cloud

These were the two major forms of Cloud. There is another form called as Hybrid Cloud which includes a variety of Public and Private Cloud features at the same time.

Now, that you know the advantages, disadvantages and difference between Public and Private Cloud, you can make your decision based on your requirements, budget and objective.

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