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Project Infomation

PT. Nufarm Indonesia Ltd. (“Customer”) is the Indonesia office of a global leading agricultural chemicals company. The company holds more than 2,100 product registrations and markets products to more than 100 countries around the world.
RightCloud is a reputable and experienced Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) and Microsoft Azure, serving notable enterprise cloud customers across APAC. RightCloud has performed a wide range of implementation work for its customers and offers advanced capabilities in managed services. We were requested by AWS to help Nufarm with the migration of its infrastructure and provide an effected security solution.
  • Client: Nufarm Indonesia Ltd.
  • Date: 2017
  • Skills: Cloud Migration, AWS Expertise, Managed Services

The Challenge

When RightCloud was introduced to Nufarm by AWS, Nufarm was already using Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, Nufarm’s users were experiencing high latency of their application, requiring a geographical migration of their infrastructure. In addition, Nufarm was using plain text communication on HTTP protocol which is not secured because the connection between the client and the server communications are not encrypted. Nufarm required a more a comprehensive security design and implementation to secure their data in transit.

The Solution

Nufarm needed to migrate its AWS existing infrastructure. It was a .NET two-tier application using EC2 and RDS resources in AWS US Oregon region. We helped Nufarm on a comprehensive migration including items such as EC2 workload migration, security groups, etc. In doing this, we worked closely with Nufarm’s third-party application vendor overseas.

In such projects, RightCloud commonly uses CloudFormation templates to provision resources and performs the required database synchronization before initiating the migration. Our methodology is to build the environment on AWS and do a continuous synchronization to AWS until the switchover time. At the time of switchover, we put up a maintenance window to make the AWS environment live.

To enhance their data security on the internet, Nufarm needed to implement SSL. We managed this for them and obtained approval for SSL certificate in AWS Certificate Manager, while liaising with their external DNS manager. In addition, we use security best practices and tools such as enabling CloudTrail, Load Balancer access logs, and hardening Security Groups on AWS.


Lower latency and higher throughput
By migrating their AWS infrastructure, Nufarm is running their application in closer proximity to their customers and are achieving lower latency and higher throughput. Migration has helped them in decreasing the application load time via decreasing network waiting time.
Enhanced Security
Any web-based application is suggested to communicate on secure socket layer (SSL). Before the migration we performed, Nufarm used plain text communication on HTTP protocol which is not secured. By using SSL, they are protecting sensitive information as it travels over the internet. The information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server they are sending the information to.
Mindset & Culture change
Aside from transforming their infrastructure, RightCloud also had to change the mindset and culture of the customer and its partners (Application). From best practices of deployment and infrastructure related changes that reduced wait times for IT ops in spawning Dev or Prod environments and eliminate manual intervention for back-up and disaster recovery. Implementing DevOps in this organization is still ongoing today since it constantly wants to improves how it operates. It was able to simplify its code deployment and streamline its IT operations through the use of AWS services, RightCloud processes and high agility culture to drive innovation and be successful in their current and new businesses.
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