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Infraguard DevOps Case Study

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Project Infomation

Security is a major concern for all. Large enterprises spend millions of dollars on Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. For midsize and small companies there is no solution which will be cost-effective and give the power to manage all servers (Linux and Windows) access and authorization.
InfraGuard is a server management application that helps enterprises to manage system administrative access in a centralized location and helps automates operational functions in a scalable and cost-effective way. It enables enterprises with security governance and operations management.
  • Client: Infraguard
  • Date: 2018
  • Skills: DevOps, AWS Expertise

The Challenge

As experts in Cloud Consulting, we started developing a product that would simplify server management across Public and Private cloud, allow efficient user management, enhance security and integrate automation into manual processes.

There were many challenges here: The product needed to work across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and also on-premise servers. We had a wide range of users from non-technical to dev ops experts, so the learning needed to be small.

Understanding this, we visualized three pillars to Infraguard: Security, Automation and User Management - all supporting a process of Simple Server Management.

The Solution

Today is a production-ready product (please contact for invites) that is in live use for hundreds of servers.

- Unlimited number of servers can be managed from a single dashboard wherever they might be for both Public and Private Cloud.
- Users can be created with granular role access that allows efficient management while enhancing security.
- A key aspect is that we have removed the need of non-critical SSH access, all operations can be done right from Infraguard dashboard.
- Automation has been integrated, from app detections to creating custom scripts for common tasks.
- With weakly release schedules, new features are being implemented every week.

The Benefits

IT Savings
IT Department operational team saved more than 60% of their time while being more efficient and serving more customers.
Security compliance audit which used to take a few days to accomplish is now being achieved in real time basis.
Specific features for security
Customers can take advantage of the lockdown feature to mitigate the risk of a possible security breach in no time.
Business Benefits
Customer IT department leverages InfraGuard to serve their end-users in an automated, faster and more secure infrastructure environment.
Custom Features
In order to meet the demanding operational challenges, InfraGuard continuously evolves - by automating and offering custom solutions as a feature set. In addition, by deploying on a cloud platform such as AWS, it provides InfraGuard with the ability to scale to meet larger user base demand.
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