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A Day in the Life of a Rightcloud CloudOps Engineer

A Day in the Life of a Rightcloud CloudOps Engineer

I lead the Rightcloud Managed Services Team. I’m based in Bangalore, India. I joined Rightcloud about 1 year ago as a DBA. In the last one year I have learned 13 different AWS services and a great deal about the services we offer to our clients. My Mondays are usually busy and better planned than the rest of my week.

0600 AM: I wake up with the alarm on my phone bringing back the nostalgic alarm clock memories from my childhood days. I have a love-hate relationship with it. More hate, less love I’m afraid.

0620 AM: I love the rising sun visible from my balcony. I love to watch the changing colors of the clouds at the horizon turning different shades of orange as I sip my morning cuppa.

0700 AM: I check my calendar for the meetings I have for the day. I take 15 minutes to write down the projects I have on my plate for the day plus any follow-ups from the day before.

0730 AM: My daily hot shower! This is what justifies my leaving the bed before noon every day!

0900 AM: I’m in the office. I check my emails. I give special attention to the status of the activities carried out yesterday and the requests for today.

1000 AM: I walk up to the team. We discuss the highlights and lowlights of the activities carried out in the last week and discuss the plans for the implementations in the current week. We check the progress of our long terms projects.

1100 AM: Time for a quick sip of tea before I shift into the next gear.

1130 AM: I start follow-ups. These basically include discussing the operations reports and project specific implementation status updates with the customers. This is an important 2 hour period. It sets up the tone for the current week for me and also gives me a feedback of how I spent the last week.

0130 PM: Lunch Time! Off to the paratha plaza for some delicious parathas.

0230 PM: I check up on the status of the assignments delegated to the team in the morning.

0300 PM: I finish up on the tasks that I have on my plate. For the next 2 hours, I’m wired in!

0500 PM: Evening snacks! A hot cup of ginger tea has magical powers of rejuvenation. He he.

0530 PM: I sit down for another hour of reviewing the day’s work and checking status of the dependencies I have to finish my projects.

0630 PM: I walk out of the office to join the traffic to slowly accompany me home. Rush hour is not a fun time to drive.

0800 PM: Time for dinner! Something light that accompanies a warm cup of Dilmah!

0830 PM: A lazy evening walk post dinner. I wish I could help NOT checking up on my Viber for the activities on our cloud infrastructure. But I kind of like the flexibility brought upon by Viber on phone.

1000 PM: I put my phone down for good and get ready to sleep.

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